The following documentation may be requested depending upon the program.


Drivers License
Voter Registration Card
Clinic/Medical Card
Work or School ID
US Passport

(Earned & Unearned)

Most Recent Pay Stubs
Income Verification from Employer
Self-Employment Statement
Support/Alimony payments
Veterans Benefits
Social Security
Worker’s Compensation
Work Study
School Scholarship (BEOG/PELL, SEOG, TAG, etc)
Alien Sponsor
Temporary Disability


Bank Statements
Stocks & Bonds
Christmas Clubs
Insurance Policies
Burial Plots
Real Estate
Other vehicles (boats, Motorcycle)
Alien Sponsor


Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Alien Registration Card
Divorce Decree
Support Orders
Marriage License
House Deed

Medical Information

Medical Form Completed
Unpaid Medical Bills prior to Application
Health Insurance Payments
Medical Statement

Work/School Expenses

Child Care/Day Care
Disabled Adult Care
School Expenses (tuition, fees, books, supplies, transportation)


Address Verification
Rent/Mortgage Receipt (Mandatory)
Tax/Utility Bill

Shelter Expenses

Rent/Mortgage Receipt
Telephone Bill
Installation/Connection charges
Real Estate Taxes
Electric Bill
Gas/Oil Bill
Water/Sewer Bill
Residential Insurance

Household Members

Information may be needed regarding your household members